AC Hotels

The Origins of AC campaign explores the influence of the hotel’s European heritage on design principles, amenities, and signature offerings. Branding agency cummins&partners tapped the SK Studio team to lead the project from conception to creation across three days in Washington D.C. With a team of 25+ people between cast, crew, and client, we accomplished an efficient production that fused seamlessly with a sold-out hotel.

With the drive to always exceed expectations, we surprised the Marriott team with an on-set BTS and content creator to produce a library of social ready images and videos in addition to the agreed upon deliverables.


Creative Direction
Run of Show/Scheduling
Crew Acquisition
Travel Coordination
Script Writing
Storyboard Art
Video Capture
Production Management
BTS and Social Content
Wardrobe + Prop Sourcing
Catering + Craft
Post Production
Video Editing
Sound Design
VFX + Animation
Campaign Videos
Still Images

In partnership with cummins&parteners

Producer/Director Spencer Kohn

Creative Director Aspen Green

Director of Photography Ethan Stupp, Aaron Kohn

AC Mark Villa

Gaffer Scott Perryman

Key Grip Ryan Clark 

DP 2nd Unit Stefan Wiesen

Gaffer 2nd Unit Matthew Brennan

Grip 2nd Unit Joseph Woldemariam

Video Editor Christopher Valori

Makeup/Hair Stylist Lori Pressman

Wardrobe Stylist Kate Moroney 

Prop Stylist Kate Moroney 

Stylist Assistant Freyja Golbach

Assistant Producer Aristidis Panagis

BTS Content Creator Gregory Davalos

PAs Paul Griffith, David Linthicum 

Talent Annabel S., Amanda L., Isaac L., Ryan S., Umair A., Leonie G., Sarah P., Alex B., Ellie C., Michael R.

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